The Hidden Cost Of Owning A Vacant Home In Providence, Rhode Island

For anyone who owns a home in Rhode Island, one thing you might notice is the cost of owning this home. Even if you are not living in that home, the cost of owning a vacant home can be quite surprising. Many presume that because the home is vacant that it isn’t costing you anything. For a Rhode Island home owner, though, that is not the case!

Here are just some of the hidden fees that you might be facing up to with your vacant Rhode Island property:

  • For one, for every day that your home sits empty it is losing equity. That should be a major concern, as it’s going to really hurt your bottom line in the long run. If equity is going down, then your home is not going to be worth as much in the long-term to your portfolio.
  • Also, even if the home is paid for, you still need to pay for things like taxes, insurance, and maintenance. You also need to carry out things like home inspections and home warranty checks. So, that is going to cost you over the long-term.
  • Also, if a home is clearly vacant, it tends to become more of a target for theft and vandalism. If nobody is home, then it does become a more likely spot for someone to try and attack and/or get access to later on.
  • Vacant homes can cost you quite a lot, and it will be because you have to pay things like Vacant Property Insurance. Add in things like property taxes and home warranty, and you could be paying several hundred dollars per month for a home that you don’t need or use.

That is quite a lot of money to be throwing around and wasting, right?

It’s money that you could even have back in your own pocket. If you want to start seeing your money work for you as opposed to against you, then it pays to keep this in mind. You don’t need to hold on to a vacant property in Rhode Island. What you could do instead is call our team at Moss Home Solutions. We buy houses in Rhode Island – especially vacant homes!

Want To Get Rid of Your Vacant Rhode Island Home?

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